50+ Best Motivational Shayari in English

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ज़िंदगी की उतार-चढ़ाव भरी राहों में कभी-कभी हौसला थोड़ा पस्त हो जाता है. ऐसे वक्त में ज़रूरत होती है ज़िंदगी को नया मकसद देने वाली, हिम्मत जगाने वाली शायरी की. इस लेख में हम आपके लिए लाए हैं 50 से भी ज़्यादा बेहतरीन “Motivational Shayari in English” or Motivational Quotes. ये शायरी न सिर्फ आपको प्रेरित करेंगी बल्कि ज़िंदगी के हर पहलू पर सकारात्मक दृष्टिकोण अपनाने में भी आपकी मदद करेंगी. इस संग्रह में आपको हर तरह की “Motivational Shayari in English” मिलेंगी, फिर चाहे वो सफलता पाने के लिए प्रेरणा देने वाली हों या फिर ज़िंदगी के बारे में गहरे मायने रखने वाली शायरी.

Motivational Shayari in English

Motivational Shayari in English:

जैसा कि हमने बताया, ज़िंदगी की चुनौतियां कभी ख़त्म नहीं होतीं. ऐसे में प्रेरणा देने वाली शायरी का सहारा लेना बहुत फ़ायदेमंद होता है. इस भाग में शामिल 10 “Motivational Shayari in English” न सिर्फ आपको प्रेरित करेंगी बल्कि ज़िंदगी के हर पहलू को सकारात्मक रूप से देखने का नज़रिया भी देंगी.

Motivational Shayari in English
  • Dreams don’t rust, but they gather dust. Brush off the doubt, and rise, you must!
  • The only limit to your journey, is the one you set in your mind. So dream big, and leave the rest behind.
  • Stumbles are inevitable, but falling down is a choice. Get up, dust yourself off, and raise your voice.
  • Like a seed underground, your potential waits unseen. With courage and sunshine, greatness will convene.
  • The ocean may roar, the wind may howl, but within you lies the strength to conquer any foul.
  • Don’t be afraid of the dark, for it’s where your inner light can truly spark.
  • Every failure is a lesson, a stepping stone to climb. Embrace the struggle, for success takes its time.
  • Kindness is your compass, guiding you true north. Let compassion be your map, leading you to self-worth.
  • The world needs your melody, your unique song to sing. Don’t be afraid to raise your voice, and let your spirit take wing.
  • Time is a river, flowing ever on. Don’t wait on the shore, the journey has begun.

Motivational Shayari in English 2 Line:

समय की कमी है? कोई बात नहीं! हम लेकर आए हैं आपके लिए सिर्फ दो लाइनों में लिखी गई 10 दमदार “Motivational Shayari in English 2 Line“. ये छोटे-छोटे मगर गहरे मायने रखने वाले वाक्य प्रेरणा के सिक्के की तरह हैं जिन्हें आप कभी भी निकाल कर पढ़ सकते हैं और खुद को नई ऊर्जा से भर सकते हैं.

  • Skies may be dark, but within you burns a light, Rise, chase your dreams with all your might.
  • Stumbles are lessons, each tear a cleansing rain, Embrace the journey, for success follows pain.
  • Doubt whispers, “You can’t,” but your heart knows the truth, Break free from fear, and claim your destined youth.
  • Like a seed underground, dreams wait for the sun, Believe in yourself, watch how your goals are won.
  • Oceans may roar, mountains stand tall and grand, With unwavering will, you can conquer any land.
  • The world needs your spark, let your brilliance ignite, Don’t be a dim ember, burn fiercely and bright.
  • Broken wings can mend, soar high above the fray, Embrace the scars that pave your brighter way.
  • Time is a river, flowing ever so fast, Seize every moment, make your struggles your past.
  • Let kindness be your compass, guiding every stride, For a heart full of love, in life will surely confide.
  • Don’t be afraid to bloom, in a world filled with thorns, Your unique beauty, is where true strength is born.

Motivational Shayari in English for Success:

सफलता का रास्ता कभी भी आसान नहीं होता. इस ख़ास सेक्शन में हमने शामिल की हैं 10 “Motivational Shayari in English for Success“. ये शायरी आपकी लगन को और मज़बूत करेंगी और आपको अपने लक्ष्य को पाने के लिए प्रेरित करेंगी. ये शेर आपके सफ़र के साथी बन कर आपका हर कदम मज़बूत बनाएंगे.

  • Dreams are whispers of the soul, chase them, make them whole. With grit and grace, you’ll reach your goal.
  • Stumbles may slow you, but don’t let them break, rise with the fire, a new path you’ll make.
  • Doubts may whisper, fears may hold tight, but within you lies a brilliant guiding light.
  • Success is a journey, not a destination, embrace the climb with relentless determination.
  • Every failure, a lesson to hold, it strengthens the wings, to be brave and bold.
  • The world may seem vast, your voice may seem small, but with passion ignited, you can conquer it all.
  • Patience is the seed, effort the rain, success the blossom, that eases life’s pain.
  • Don’t be afraid to break the mold, let your unique talents unfold.
  • Let kindness be your compass, and integrity your guide, true success will forever reside.
  • The greatest victories lie within your heart, believe in yourself, and make a brand new start.

Motivational Shayari in English 2 Line for Students:

छात्र जीवन उतार-चढ़ाव से भरा होता है. ऐसे में ज़रूरी है कि आपका हौसला बना रहे. इस भाग में ख़ासतौर से छात्रों के लिए लिखी गई 10 “Motivational Shayari in English 2 Line for Students” शामिल हैं. ये छोटी लेकिन प्रभावशाली शायरी आपको पढ़ाई और लक्ष्य प्राप्ति के लिए प्रेरित करेंगी.

  • Dreams may flutter, but knowledge takes flight, Soar high, student, with all your might.
  • Tests may challenge, but your spirit’s the key, Unlock potential, you’ll always be free.
  • Doubt whispers worries, let confidence roar, Your future’s unwritten, explore and explore!
  • Every mistake holds a lesson to hold, Learn, grow, and rise, braver than gold.
  • Patience is power, with focus so keen, Small steps to big dreams, a brilliant machine.
  • Comparison’s a thief, stealing your shine, Own your own journey, make your light define.
  • Failure’s a stepping stone, not a dead end, Rise up again, my friend.
  • Curiosity’s fuel, light the learning fire, Knowledge’s the treasure that takes you higher.
  • Don’t let fear hold you back, take a daring leap, Believe in yourself, dreams you’ll surely keep.
  • Every sunrise, a chance to begin, Ignite your passion, let your genius win.

Motivational Shayari in English 2 Line for Girl:

अक्सर लड़कियों की क्षमता को कम आंका जाता है. इस भाग में हमारी कोशिश है कि 10 “Motivational Shayari in English 2 Line for Girl” के ज़रिए उनकी ताकत का जश्न मनाया जाए. ये शायरी आपको आपकी अंदरूनी शक्ति का एहसास दिलाएंगी और हर उस चीज़ को पाने के लिए प्रेरित करेंगी जिसे आप हासिल करना चाहती हैं.

  • Don’t let doubt dim your fire, girl rise, wings unfurled, reach for the world.
  • Dreams whisper, “believe,” every tear, a seed to achieve. Grow strong, girl, you can achieve.
  • Scars tell stories, of battles bravely fought, your spirit unbroken, wisdom dearly bought.
  • Don’t shrink to fit in, your sparkle’s your crown, let your brilliance outshine, make your mark on the town.
  • Kindness is your compass, courage your guide, with a heart full of sunshine, walk tall with pride.
  • Mistakes are lessons, whispers in the breeze, learn, adapt, and rise, with unwavering knees.
  • They’ll doubt, they’ll whisper, let their noise fade away, your inner voice roars, follow its powerful sway.
  • Don’t wait for permission, your dreams deserve flight, take the leap of faith, and claim your own light.
  • You are a masterpiece, flaws and all so true, embrace your uniqueness, the world needs you.
  • Storms may come crashing, but you won’t be swayed, your spirit’s a fortress, forever unafraid.

Motivational Shayari in English on Life:

ज़िंदगी एक खूबसूरत लेकिन जटिल सफ़र है. इस ख़ास सेक्शन में शामिल 10 “Motivational Shayari in English on Life” आपको ज़िंदगी के हर मोड़ पर गहरी सीख देंगी और हर चुनौती का सामना करने का हौसला जगाएंगी. ये शायरी आपको ज़िंदगी में अपना मकसद और रास्ता खोजे.

  • Scars whisper tales of battles won, not battles lost, rise, my friend, the greatest victory awaits at no cost.
  • Don’t let doubt dim your inner light, it burns brighter than any storm, chase your dreams with all your might, and watch the world become warm.
  • Life’s a canvas, vast and wide, with colors waiting to unfurl, paint your masterpiece with pride, let your spirit take the world.
  • Stumbles are stepping stones, they pave the way to where you stand tall, learn from your falls, mend your bones, and conquer every mountain wall.
  • The seed of greatness lies within, though storms may rage and skies may frown, nurture it with hope’s sunshine, and watch your dreams blossom all around.
  • Let kindness be your guiding star, compassion, your unwavering shield, for a life that’s truly meant to soar, on empathy’s wings, beautifully revealed.
  • Embrace the silence, the quiet roar, where whispers of wisdom take their flight, for within the stillness, you explore, the depths of strength, bathed in guiding light.
  • Time’s a river, ever flowing, don’t dwell on what has slipped away, hold onto moments, keep them glowing, and seize the sunshine of each day.
  • Don’t be afraid to break the mold, defy the shadows, chase the sun, your uniqueness, a story untold, a symphony waiting to be begun.
  • Fall seven times, rise up eight, resilience is your truest friend, with unwavering spirit, claim your fate, and let your journey never end.

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