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If you have ever experienced the profound solitude of being alone, you might resonate with the essence of alone Shayari. Alone Shayari captures the raw emotions and sentiments that arise when one finds themselves in solitude. It speaks to the depths of the heart, expressing feelings of loneliness, introspection, and longing. In this article, we delve into the realm of alone Shayari, exploring its various facets and expressions in both Hindi and English.

Alone shayari

Alone Shayari:

Alone Shayari encapsulates the myriad emotions experienced when one is alone. It delves into the depths of solitude, expressing feelings of isolation, introspection, and longing. Through poignant verses, alone Shayari captures the essence of solitary moments, resonating with those who have experienced the profound solitude of being alone.

Alone Shayari in Hindi:

  1. चहल पहल सी लगती है हर आहट में मुझे, 
    फिर याद आता हूं, अकेला हूं मैं इस महफ़िल में ॥
  2. हंसते हुए चलते हैं, मगर आँखें हैं रोती हुई,
    ये कैसा सितम है ऐ जिंदगी, तन्हाई ढोती हुई ॥
  3. शहर की भीड़ में भी खोया हुआ हूँ मैं,
    कोई नहीं है अपना, ये कैसा ग़म है ॥
  4. उम्मीद थी कि कोई अपना होगा,
    पर तन्हाई ही मेरा हमसफ़र निकला ॥
  5. मेरी बात सुनने वाला कोई नहीं,
    इसलिए खामोश रहना सीख लिया है ॥
  6. खुद से ही बातें करता हूँ अक्सर,
    कभी हारता हूँ, कभी जीतता हूँ ॥
  7. तन्हाई ही मेरी पहचान बन गई है,
    इस भीड़ में भी खुद को अकेला पाता हूँ ॥
  8. चलते रहना सीख लिया है सफर में अकेले,
    मंजिल दूर है पर हौसले अभी ज़िंदा हैं ॥
  9. ये कैसा सफर है, जहाँ हमसफ़र नहीं कोई,
    बस साए का साथ है, वो भी शाम ढले हो तो
  10. उम्मीद थी कि कोई अपना होगा,
    पर तन्हाई ने ही दामन थामा 

Alone Shayari in English:

  1. The city’s loneliness feels strange, though crowded it may be,
    Thousands of faces, yet not a single one I yearn to see.
    Your absence changes everything, even the sun’s warmth seems incomplete,
    As if the day itself can’t rise fully without you at my feet.
  2. Memories of times spent together flicker like fireflies in the night,
    Leaving behind a bittersweet sting and a yearning for your light.
    Though others may surround me, a hollow ache remains within,
    A constant reminder of the void where you used to fit in.
  3. Friendship is a haven in the storms of life, a solace for every tear,
    A wellspring of joy, dispelling sorrows and casting out all fear.
    One precious friend I hold dear, a laughter that chases away the blue,
    But without you by my side, this friendship feels incomplete too.
  4. Fate wove a beautiful bond, a connection meant to last,
    A friend like you, a gift so rare, a bond that forever surpassed.
    But should fate decide otherwise, leaving me adrift at sea,
    Life would turn into a barren land, devoid of laughter and glee.
  5. Tiny sparks ignite friendships, whispers shared in the night,
    Unspoken bonds that bloom with trust, a silent language, pure and bright.
    Friendship’s melody fills the days, chasing away the blues,
    But without your harmony beside me, the music loses its muse.
  6. They forget, yet I can’t erase, the memories etched in my soul,
    The laughter we shared, the dreams we dreamt, a story yet untold.
    Friendship’s beauty lies in its depth, a connection that transcends time,
    But with you out of reach, the present feels like a loveless rhyme.
  7. The world may see a smile I wear, a facade I hold so tight,
    But within, a silent storm rages, a lonely battle I fight.
    They may not see the tears I cry, the emptiness that tears me apart,
    The longing for a kindred spirit, a connection that touches the heart.
  8. Some find solace in solitude, a time for introspection’s call,
    To delve into one’s own depths, and answer life’s greatest thrall.
    But for some, like me, it’s a heavy weight, a silence that screams too loud,
    A yearning for a hand to hold, to share the solitude’s shroud.
  9. Stars paint the canvas of the night, a million points of light,
    Yet, in their brilliance, I see a reflection of my lonely plight.
    Each twinkling star, a distant dream, a wish that may never unfold,
    Aching for a connection true, a story waiting to be told.
  10. The path I walk may seem like one, but within, it splits in two,
    One leading towards the crowd, the other, a journey for just a few.
    I choose the path less traveled by, where solitude reigns supreme,
    For in the quietude, I hear my soul, whispering a silent dream.

Alone Shayari: 2 Lines:

  1. Crowded room, but silence surrounds,
    a heart unseen, no kindred sounds.
  2. Footsteps echo, a hollow song,
    in this journey I walk alone.
  3. Laughter fades, the party’s done,
    just me and shadows, till the morning sun.
  4. Memories whisper of what used to be,
    a constant reminder, just them and me.
  5. City lights twinkle, a dazzling display,
    yet my own window reflects a world away.
  6. Pages turn, stories untold,
    seeking connection, braving the cold.
  7. Ocean roars, a symphony grand,
    but the crashing waves don’t understand.
  8. Raindrops whisper, a melancholic tune,
    a single teardrop falling in the moon.
  9. Smiling faces, a world in bloom,
    but behind the mask, an empty room.
  10. Ticking clock, a constant beat,
    counting moments, bittersweet.

Alone Shayari in English and Hindi:

  1. Ghadiyon tal tak saath chalne wala koi nahin,
    Zindagi bhar tanha hi chalna hai mujhe
  2. Khud se hi baatein kar leta hoon har sham,
    Tanhai mein bhi ek अलग hi dunia hai 
  3. Chamakta hai charo taraf, magar mere liye andhera hai,
    Ye zindagi hai ya tanhai ka safar hai
  4. Hasne sunane wala koi nahi hai mere paas,
    Sirf chupchap aankhon mein samundar hai
  5. Bheed mein bhi hoon, fir bhi mehfooz nahin,
    Tanhai hi hai meri zindagi ka raaz
  6. Har taraf shor hai, phir bhi chup lagta hai,
    Tanhai mein meri awaaz bhi gum ho jati hai 
  7. Dil dhoondta hai apna humsafar har mod par,
    Tanhai hi hai meri zindagi ka woh fasl 
  8. Khwab aankhon mein hai,
    lekin unhe dikhana wala koi nahin,
    Tanhai ne mujhe chup rehna sikha dia hai
  9. Umeed hai ki koi samjhe meri khamoshi ko,
    Tanhai mein hi to dil ki baat nikalti hai
  10. Tanhai hi meri taqat hai aur tanhai hi meri pehchaan,
    Is tanhai ne hi mujhe khud se milaya hai

Alone Shayari for Girls:

  1. Gehri raaton mein khayal aata hai,
    Ek dost hota toh kitna sukoon milta.
  2. Shaam dhalti hai, tanha fir se ho jaati hoon,
    Khud se hi baatein karti hun, yeh zindagi hai meri
  3. Churahein खनखनाती हैं meri,
    Magar koi thaamne wala nahi hai
  4. Log kehte hain tanha rehna seekho,
    Par yeh tanhai hi toh sikhati hai jeena.
  5. Muskurate hue chehre ke peeche,
    Chhupe hain dard kitne bechare
  6. Zindagi ke safar mein, humsafar koi na mila,
    Khud hi chalti hoon raste par, manzil dhoondne ko
  7. Apni hi parchhayi meri saheli hai,
    Iss tanhai mein yahi meri sathi hai
  8. Dil mein hain umang kitni,
    par baat karne wala koi nahi
  9. Khud hi chirag hun, khud hi roshni hoon,
    Tanha sahi par andar se zinda hoon
  10. Ye tanhai sikha deti hai,
    khud ki taqat pe bharosa karna


Alone Shayari delves into the depths of solitude, expressing the raw emotions and sentiments experienced when one is alone. Through poignant verses, it captures the essence of solitary moments, resonating with those who have felt the profound solitude of being alone. Whether in Hindi or English, alone Shayari transcends language barriers, speaking to the universal human experience of solitude.


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