Best 101+ English Shayari Best Collection

Our journey takes us into the beautiful world of poetry with the “Best 101+ English Shayari.” This huge collection of poems explores the wide range of feelings that people have, including love, sadness, attitude, friendship, and more. The beauty of language will be shown through a variety of English Shayari. We will also look into the details of love shayari in English, friendship shayari in English, and attitude shayari English. Come along on this poetic journey where words weave feelings into a beautiful tapestry. You are welcome to look at the many sides of human emotions through the lens of English Shayari. Get ready to go on a journey where each verse leads to the deepest thoughts of the heart.

English Shayari

Ocean whispers on windswept shore,
A symphony vast, forevermore.
Dive deep within, hear your soul’s refrain,
Find peace in the silence, wash away pain.

English Shayari

Leaves ablaze in an autumn’s caress,
Golden embers whispered with tenderness.
Let go of worries, like leaves on the breeze,
Embrace the new, with laughter and ease.

English Shayari

Stars wink secrets in velvet night,
Moonlight dances, a silver delight.
In shadows spun, where fears reside,
Find the courage to dance with the tide.

English Shayari

Sun-kissed whispers on breeze-touched sand,
Footprints fade as dreams take command.
Life’s canvas vast, with colors untold,
Let your heart paint stories, brave and bold.

Shayari in English

Beyond words, emotions take flight,
Shayari in silence, painted in moonlight.
No rhyme or meter, just soul’s pure might,
Best English whispers, “Feel with all your might.”

Love Shayari in English

Love Shayari in English

In your eyes, galaxies shimmer and spin,
My heart, a lost astronaut, drawn in.
Each glance, a supernova, igniting desire,
Love’s language, whispered in starlight’s fire.

Our laughter, a symphony on sunlit keys,
Your touch, a lullaby carried by the breeze.
Every shared breath, a note in life’s sweet song,
Love’s melody, where we forever belong.

Time fades, etched only in memories we hold,
A love story, in whispered secrets told.
Forever woven, thread by thread, you and I,
In the tapestry of love, beneath a boundless sky.

Though miles may stretch, our hearts beat as one,
Two souls entwined, beneath the setting sun.
Love’s invisible bridge, spanning land and sea,
Forever closer, you and me.

In shadowed corners of my soul you bloom,
A radiant ember, dispelling winter’s gloom.
Love’s tender spark, igniting hidden light,
You paint my world in colors, ever bright.

No words needed, just heartbeats entwined,
A love unspoken, in moments we find.
Eyes that speak volumes, souls laid bare,
In the silence, our love, a whispered prayer.

Like a rose, in springtime’s gentle hold,
Our love unfolds, a story to be told.
Through sun and rain, it blooms ever bright,
A promise whispered, forever in sight.

In whispers of starlight, your name I hear,
My love for you, as vast and ever near.
Each twinkling gem, a teardrop from the moon,
Reflecting love in this celestial swoon.

My pen, a brush dipped in love’s own hue,
Paints a symphony, just me and you.
Across the canvas, our story takes flight,
In every stroke, your eyes, my guiding light.

In whispers of starlight, your name I hear,
My love for you, as vast and ever near.
Each twinkling gem, a teardrop from the moon,
Reflecting love in this celestial swoon.

Sad Shayari in English

Sad Shayari in English

Inhale the city lights, exhale the fading sun,
Each breath a hollow echo, of happiness long outrun.
Laughter’s ghost still dances in the alleyways of my mind,
But the stage is bare, the music cold, leaving shadows undefined.

Shards of shattered promises, like stars across the night,
Each fragment, a teardrop, reflecting fading light.
Once vibrant hopes now lie in dust, where dreams used to bloom,
The silence screams a lullaby, sealing my heart in gloom.

A thousand unspoken sorrows, trapped within my chest,
A heavy cloak of silence, where unspoken words find rest.
To voice the ache, to bare the scars, feels like betraying light,
So I carry on, a silent ship, lost in sorrow’s endless night.

The wind whispers your name, through leaves, a mournful sigh,
A melody of memories, where echoes of you lie.
Each empty space, a haunting note, in the symphony of pain,
Your absence, a discordant beat, forever in my refrain.

Raindrops paint the windowpane, blurring lines between my tears,
A world washed clean, yet sorrow stains, clinging through the years.
But in the downpour’s soft embrace, a fragile hope takes root,
That maybe, just maybe, even shattered hearts bear fruit.

In the ocean’s depths, where sunlight won’t reach,
My heart, a shipwreck, lost beyond your speech.
Tattered sails whisper dreams you couldn’t teach,
Adrift in sorrow, beyond solace’s reach.

Moonlight drapes the world in silvered sheen,
But shadows dance within my heart unseen.
Each breath a sigh, a whisper of what’s been,
Lost love’s melody, a lonely violin.

Rain paints the window with tears it has wept,
Mirroring the ache my soul has kept.
Empty echoes sigh where laughter slept,
Silence screams the name I dare not repeat.

Withered leaves, like promises once bright,
Lie scattered beneath the cold moon’s light.
Hope, a fragile bird, takes frightened flight,
Leaving memories etched in pale moonlight.

Cracks in the pavement, where dreams used to bloom,
Tell tales of storms that shattered, consumed.
Aching limbs trace ghosts in an empty room,
Where love’s embers flicker, consumed by gloom.

Inhale memories, exhale goodbyes,
Aching whispers where laughter used to lie.
Footprints fade in the sands of time,
Love’s echo lost in a forgotten rhyme.

Shattered castles built on moonlit sighs,
Promises whispered beneath starlit skies.
Fading embers of a love once bright,
Drowning in darkness, consumed by night.

Aching symphony of unspoken desires,
A love unspoken, burning like hidden fires.
Every glance a plea, every touch denied,
A silent song in a heart that has died.

Ghosts of laughter linger in vacant rooms,
Empty echoes where joy used to bloom.
Fragile threads of yesterday unwind,
Leaving scars of love etched on my mind.

Words unspoken, a heavy heart’s plea,
The deafening silence hangs like eternity.
Unshed tears paint a canvas of pain,
Love’s lullaby, a haunting refrain.

Friendship Shayari in English

Friendship Shayari in English

In a world of fleeting shadows, you stand true,
A lighthouse in the storm, a friend ever new.
Our laughter ripples, secrets softly shared,
In whispers of the soul, our bond declared.

Life’s tapestry unfolds, threads woven tight,
Through sunlit meadows and starlit night.
Your hand in mine, we leave our trace,
Footprints in the sand, a friendship’s grace.

Miles may stretch, and years may fly,
But unbreakable threads bind you and I.
In dreams we meet, in hearts we reside,
A friendship’s fortress, where love doth confide.

Through tears that fall and skies that weep,
Your laughter’s echo, my spirit to keep.
A symphony of joy, in moments we share,
A friendship’s solace, beyond compare.

Time may paint our canvas gray,
But memories bloom, where friendships stay.
In every wrinkle, a story untold,
Our bond forever etched, more precious than gold.

In sunlit meadows, we chased laughter’s chime,
Weaving dreams of stardust, transcending spacetime.
Now life’s paths may wander, skies dim or bright,
But your friendship’s anchor holds steady in the night.

Like whispers of willow in a gentle breeze,
Our secrets shared beneath rustling leaves.
Judgements never sown, fears held in hand,
A solace, a mirror, in this shifting sand.

Through victories sung and battles barely won,
Your shoulder the refuge, the race bravely run.
A silent chorus to my soaring song,
Friendship’s melody where I truly belong.

Time may etch wrinkles, hair turn silver and grey,
But memories dance, vibrant as yesterday.
For in shared laughter and tears, hearts forever bind,
A tapestry woven, friend intertwined.

No gilded words can capture the bond so true,
The unspoken language, whispering “I see you.”
In silence or laughter, a haven embraced,
Friendship’s sanctuary, a love that won’t waste.

Life Shayari in English

Each dawn, a canvas dipped in fire,
Sun’s brushstrokes paint the world anew.
Life’s melody in whispers rise,
Hope’s anthem sung in morning dew.

Wind whispers secrets through the leaves,
Tales of journeys, triumphs, tears.
Life’s tapestry in rustling weaves,
Each moment etched in passing years.

We tread on paths of shifting sand,
Footprints fleeting, dreams take flight.
Life’s fleeting dance, a grain in hand,
Embrace the journey, hold it tight.

A single drop can stir the deep,
Ripples echoing far and wide.
Life’s gentle touch, a promise to keep,
In kindness sown, love shall abide.

On starlight’s canvas, dreams ignite,
A million fires dance unseen.
Life’s endless quest, a burning light,
To find your spark, where you’ve been.

Life’s canvas vast, unfurls each day,
Sunrise symphony paints gold the bay.
Each brushstroke a chance, a whispered plea,
To dance with dreams, or set your spirit free.

Wind whispers secrets through ancient leaves,
Of journeys lost, and love that grieves.
Life’s tapestry woven with light and shade,
Embrace the storms, the sun will serenade.

Footprints etched on the shoreline’s grace,
Moments fleeting, leave not a trace.
Life’s a wanderer, a restless quest,
Embrace the dance, before shadows rest.

Raindrops on roses, a tender kiss,
Life’s fragile beauty, a moment to bliss.
Cherish the silence, the laughter, the tears,
For in their embrace, your spirit appears.

Gaze at the stars, an endless expanse,
Life’s mysteries held in a cosmic trance.
Dream with abandon, let your spirit soar,
For in this universe, you hold the key to your evermore.

Motivational Shayari in English

Sun whispers, “Rise, dear soul, paint skies anew,
Yesterday’s ashes hold lessons, not rue.
Climb mountains within, let doubts gently depart,
For the fire in your heart will light every chart.”

Seeds sleep in darkness, dreaming of sunlit days,
Through storms and whispers, their strength finds its ways.
So too, your spirit, in valleys unseen,
Nourishes dreams, till your triumph is green.

Don’t chase shadows, cast by borrowed wings,
Your own wings, untamed, soar on bolder things.
Let envy’s whispers fade, like stars in the morn,
Embrace your path, where courage is born.

Scars etched on armor, tell tales of strife won,
Each battle a teacher, each setback a sun.
Though paths twist and turn, hold your head held high,
For the phoenix within you will kiss every sky.

Forget not, the ocean once cradled a star,
And within you still echoes that luminous spark.
Let doubt be the tide that washes ashore,
For your depths hold wonders, forevermore.

Dawn’s brush strokes paint hope on a canvas of night,
A symphony whispers – “Darkness takes flight.”
So rise, like the sun, with dreams burning bright,
And turn every stumble into your guiding light.

Roots unseen burrow deep, defying the gale,
Nurturing dreams whispered on whispers of hail.
Though storms may descend, remember your core,
For strength lies within, waiting to soar.

Doubt’s icy fingers may grip at your soul,
But embers of passion still fiercely patrol.
Fan the flames, let your spirit unfold,
Embrace the unknown, be brave, be bold.

Scars, like etched maps, whisper tales untold,
Of battles fought bravely, victories bold.
Let them not bind you, but guide your stride,
For in every triumph, resilience does hide.

Look not to the summit, but climb with each stone,
Savor the journey, where treasures are sown.
For life’s greatest beauty unfolds in the climb,
And every step whispered is etched in your time.

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